Aviation's Smart Contract Platform

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The Problem

Today, the aviation industry relies on data stored in physical logbooks and or siloed systems.

Due to privacy concerns and antiqued recordkeeping, there is currently no safe, universal platform to record, connect and use critical aviation data while respecting its privacy.

Data at scale drives innovation. Without data, the aviation industry will continue to struggle to delivery innovation and growth.

The Solution

AeroChain is an open source, layer-two blockchain designed for the entire aviation ecosystem, facilitating access to data in a secure, private way.

How it Works

The Black Box, a 100% secure mechanism to encrypt and store large amounts of aviation data.

Use an AeroChain Black Box to share, coordinate, and verify aviation data in a secure, yet 100% private manner through cryptography.

Streamline production, maintenance, regulatory certification, and more by connecting and coordinating data across the entire aviation ecosystem.

Possible Dapps and Apps

Irrefutable Data Exchange

Dapps and apps securely connect with the AeroChain Platform.